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#BlogElul Day 13: Remember

For the past several years, every time I visit a family member's home, I look in closets and attics until I find albums of old photographs. I then politely ask to (insist on) taking those albums with me so that I can digitize the photos (I almost always return them!). For me, there's no such thing as a "boring old photograph"- I LOVE every single one.

Seeing my grandparents sitting on a sofa- LOVE IT!

Seeing a picture of my great aunt riding a pony- PERFECT!

Seeing a photo of my sisters and I on long ago trip to the zoo- AMAZING!

For me, collecting these photographs is like filling in the details of a large family portrait. Those moments, whether small or monumental have shaped who we are as a family and who I am as a person. The word #Remember feels formal and burdensome, but using these photos to peer through time feels simple and exciting. Paging through those photos is like reading a story book that I wish would never end!

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