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BlogElul Day 20: Dare

To celebrate the fact that five years after I bought this shofar, I am finally able to make noise come out of it, I would like to offer my professional, rabbinical advice on how to play this amazing instrument. 1. Pick a shofar that smells just a little like the ram it originally belonged to. This will make holding it near your face even more enjoyable. 2. Don't wait until you can play it to display it on your bookshelves. You can't help it if people assume you're a master shofar blower just because you have one in your office. 3. When practicing make sure you take frequent breaks to see what you would look like if you had horns like Maleficent does. 4. If the shofar sounds like a mix between a moose and the alto saxophone you "played" in middle school band- you're getting close! 5. Don't be afraid to settle for whatever noise you are able to produce- after all, it's the effort that counts! ‪#‎hhdprep‬ ‪#‎whatrabbisdo‬‪#‎sogladimnotresponsibleforshofarblowing‬

To see the video of me blowing the shofar, please click the following link:

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