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let's get creative!

Technology allows us to share our stories and bring people together.  
It also allows us to energize and educate ourselves and our community members!
Click on the thumbnails below to watch videos that I've made for my community.
Shushanian Rhapsody
TBC Teens!
Blessing of the Pets!
Rolling the Torah
I love to use popular movies and stories to help students explore the themes behind and meanings of our prayers.  
The following are screencaptures from the visual t'fillah services that I've used in both prayer and school settings.
In 2016, our religious school Purim Shpiel was a lip syncing masterpiece where we recorded each grade performing a song of their choice and then used those videos to highlight various moments in the Purim story.  On Sunday, March 20th, we gathered to hear the book of Esther read by amazing volunteers and watch as different moments "came to life" through the magic of our recordings!
Every step of this project- designing the graphics, recording TBC's students, and then finally making a video with our cantor- was so much fun.
The video below is the "credits" sequence that we showed at the conclusion of the shpiel.  It's a great window into how much we enjoyed celebrating this holiday!
Why not use social media to highlight what you love about your community/congregation?  
At Temple B'nai Chaim, we use #TheTBCisee and #ComeSeeTBC to share photos of our community and our beautiful synagogue.
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