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#BlogElul Day 2: Act

As Reform Jews, we have the amazing opportunity to shape our own concept of observance. We have the customs, texts, and beliefs of our tradition spread out before us, and we have the ability to choose which ones we want to incorporate into our lives! It’s an amazing position to be in… and it can also be COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING.

Having options is a blessing in so many ways, but having so many options can be paralyzing. How can we know what will be spiritually fulfilling? How can we know what will bring us and our families closer together? How can we possibly know enough to make the necessary decisions!

I think the answer to all of these questions is both simple and terrifying—we’ll never know for sure if our choice is the “right” one … so we just have to try.

The best that we can do is support one another as we investigate new practices and try out new beliefs—giving ourselves and others the space we need to try something new. Rather than stand frozen in the face of the amazing complexity of the Jewish tradition, let’s find one idea/custom/ belief that seems interesting and decide to #act.

For more ideas on how to triumph over indecision, I’ll refer you to one of my favorites, Amy Poehler, who addresses this issue in one of her “Ask Amy” videos:

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