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#BlogElul Day 3: Bless

Jewish tradition tells us to begin each day by thanking God for the every-day miracles that we experience. It’s a beautiful idea, and while I agree with all of the blessings included in Mishkan T’filah (the Reform Movement’s prayer book), some of the language can feel a bit “highfalutin” (a technical, Talmudic word).

So, in the spirit of #BlogElul – I’ve decided to thank God for the miracles of my daily life by writing a few new blessings.

Blessed are you, Adonai our God, Soveriegn of the Universe…

Who gave me parents who are wonderful and whom I love to call for morning check-ins.

Who provided me with sisters who text me funny things and who don't get too mad when I tag them in throwback Thursday posts.

Who surrounded me with parents, teachers, and friends who taught me to be proud that I am a woman with an opinion and a strong sense of self.

Who has travelled with me on my journey to my wonderful new home - Temple B’nai Chaim.

Who no doubt inspired the wizards that created Google calendar with its many color options.

Who motivates the amazing people I work with.

Who provides me with mentors who always offer advice and support.

Who presents me with the opportunity to watch the growing confidence of my B'nai Mitzvah students.

Who gives me friends whose Skype dates and phone calls make me smile.

Who surrounds me with family members who are caring and fun.

Who implanted within me a love of reading and who allows me to go on stupendous adventures simply by opening a book.

Who created corgis with short little legs and sweet little souls.


My most precious blessing- My family

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