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#BlogElul Day 8: Believe

I believe-.png

I believe that our families should always be our first priorities.

I believe that we each have the ability to define what family means.

I believe that reading is as necessary to my life as are food and water.

I believe that friendship and companionship make our lives more fulfilled.

I believe that history is a collection of individual stories, and that by exploring someone’s history, we honor her/his life.

I believe that all of us are both teachers and students.

I believe that we are responsible for one another.

I believe that children of all genders should be educated and empowered.

I believe that people of all faiths should work together to better our communities.

I believe that prayer can look like many different things and that every form of prayer elevates us.

I believe that creating and sustaining relationships is holy work.

I believe that we should share our dreams with one another.

I believe that religious organizations have the ability to provide us with a safe and supportive environment to question, explore, and live our lives.

I believe that our beliefs wake us up in the morning and drive us throughout the day.

I believe that our beliefs give us strength.

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