Torah Study

I started attending weekly Torah study classes when I was 16. Over the past 12 years, I have covered multiple chumashim (printed editions of the five books of the Torah) in notes, stuffed them full of handouts, and marked them with seemingly hundreds of post it notes. When I study out of any one of these editions, I'm always excited to see that scribbled next to the words of our greatest sages are quotes from my Torah study friends, insights from my rabbis and cantors, and any ideas that I've had as I've read and reread the text.

I'm lucky to have these chumashim and luckier to have studied with these wonderful men and women. Each chumash is like a time machine. Each Torah portion is like a journal entry that takes me back to a specific class and a specific moment in my life.

© 2021 by Rabbi Rachel Bearman.