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Genealogy as Time Travel

My deep and abiding fascination with my family's history is a subject that demands far more than one blog entry. So for now, I'll just say that at the core of my love of genealogy is the feeling that the more I learn about my ancestors, the closer I get to being able to see what they saw, feel what they felt, and experience what they experienced.

For me, genealogy is basically the opportunity to time travel...

Today was my day off, and I happily spent most of it in 1952.

Wedding Day

My grandparents, George Anderson and Dolores (Dolly) Morgan were married on June 14th 1952, and after they danced until 2am (!!!!), they started their adventure through beautiful Northern Minnesota.

Grandma Dolly eventually recorded their trip on the "Wedding Journey" page of a keepsake book.

"Wedding Journey"

(Fortunately for me, Grandma's handwriting was so beautiful that I was able to read everything she wrote even though the only copy I have is this low-quality cell phone picture!)

I spent the day looking at pictures of the many places they visited and adding each leg of their journey to this google map:

I hope this window into a 62+ year old adventure inspires you to do a little time travelling of your own!

Ps: If Grandma and Grandpa had been able to make a flipagram video of their trip... it might have looked like this...

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