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A New Midrash for Bereshit

I was the snake.

The fruit was not temptation; it was opportunity.

The sin would have been to stay in ignorance, to remain in the garden of childhood.

I whispered to Eve and to her Adam

I told them that there was more out there, that they could be more outside of the walls.

Eve reached out, embraced the chance to expand her understanding, expand her destiny.

She gave that gift to Adam, who had fallen behind her, tempted to remain in safety.

They were not expelled. They were released.

Their bodies ached and grew as they developed into their true selves.

They clothed themselves in knowledge and turned from the garden.

The fiery sword at their backs illuminated their path forward.

They did not fall.

They rose.

They became who they were meant to be.

I created them. I protected them. I gave them the chance to become, and I accompanied them on their journeys.

They liberated themselves and then accepted the weight of their freedom.

In each generation, I whisper words of encouragement in the hearts of those who are content to abide in ignorance.

There is more beyond the bounds of your mind.

Trade safety for truth.

Allow yourselves to become what you are meant to be.

I am the snake.

Can you hear me whispering?


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