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In the beginning...

In the beginning, for unknowable amounts of time, Divinity existed in a world that was unformed and mysterious. They were not lonely. They were complete. They had everything They needed, and They cherished the space that They had claimed. They spent eons, swaddled in shadows, luxuriating in vastness, learning about Themself and Their power, dreaming beautiful dreams. Cocooned in the inky blackness of Their existence, They grew into Themself, and then, only when They were ready, They emerged, and began to create the world that They had imagined.

Divinity reached into the deep and pulled out a thread of pure, shining light. They watched as the darkness caught the tail of the light and carried it away, leaving streaks of illumination painted across the void. Divinity saw the way that the light and the darkness played with one another, and They smiled, declaring that both light and darkness were beautiful and good.

Divinity was captivated as the light and darkness continued to tell their iridescent stories. A single tear fell from Their eye, and They watched as the water captured the light and the darkness- transforming them both into a vast rainbow of color. Divinity laughed and thought, “A single drop of water has created something so miraculous. The world that I’m forming must be painted with a million miracles, so that no place is without the beauty of these colors.”

Divinity cried a million tears of gratitude and joy, thinking of the beauty They were making. They gathered each droplet and threw them above and below, creating the waters of the depths and of the heights. The darkness, the light, and the waters tumbled together, creating new and beautiful sights. Divinity saw the way Their creations had become creators as well, and They declared that all that They had made was beautiful and good.

Divinity worked for millenia to complete the world, delighting in the tiniest ant that crawled and marveling at the giant winged beasts in the sky. They never rushed, there was no schedule to uphold. They created only when They felt the desire move within Them. They crafted only when They were inspired to do so. Slowly, slowly, They placed every blade of grass on the earth. Slowly, slowly, They painted the feathers of every bird. Slowly, slowly, They sculpted each whirl in the bark of the trees. After They made something new, They would call to the light and the darkness, inviting them to come and greet what had just been crafted.

Eventually, Their world was complete and Their actions slowed until They became simply Stillness. And then Divinity rested.


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