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A Prayer For Strong Women

We pray to honor the women in our lives and in our world who felt strong and safe enough to use #MeToo to share their stories and their pain.

We are in awe of their strength.

We are are in awe of their spirits.

We remember the women whose voices have been silenced, and we commit ourselves to listening more intently.

We remind ourselves that the pain felt by those who have experienced violence and harassment is a burden that each and every one of us must share because all of us are responsible for the world that we inhabit.

We offer thanks for the women who have shaped us- those role models who taught us what strength truly is and who showed us how to find it in ourselves.

We commit to building our interactions, friendships, and relationships on foundations of respect and equality.

We pray because we know that the world is broken and that we are responsible for fixing it.

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