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Wrap Me Up: A Prayer For Those Who Are Overwhelmed

Ezrat Nafsheinu- Soul sustainer,

I'm tempted to go get my tallis, sit with my legs tucked up underneath me, and wrap myself in fabric and string.

I feel small and vulnerable. I feel exposed. I feel like my nerves are raw, and I jump at the sound of every notification, every phone call. My brain is telling me that these sounds are what will come before I am forced into a new chapter of my life, a chapter that I would rather excise from my book entirely, a chapter that I would wish on no one.

And so, I'm tempted to go get my tallis and swaddle myself in its symbolism, in its protection.

I imagine that the cloth would blunt the intensity of the world outside of my body and would help me contain the fear that threatens to escape.

I ask You, Sustainer of our Souls, to spread Your comfort over me.

I ask You to wrap me up in Your love and Your strength.

I ask that You help me to feel the comfort of the tallis that I always wear- the tallis woven from the threads of my tradition, my community's support, and my family’s love.



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